The Phoenix Suns tanked the first three years of Devin Booker’s career. 

They haven’t had an All-Star in now seven years.

And it’s been a decade since two players were selected.  

Devin Booker is definitely close. 

Luckily for him, this afforded him the opportunity to go on a vacation. 

We spotted Booker hanging with a new girl while enjoying a day out on the water with friends. 

Watch below: 

Here’s a closeup of Booker with his new girl below: 

While he’s out enjoying the company of his new girl, his ex is supposedly due any day. 


Booker is the father of IG Model Aaleeyah Petty’s baby. She has been doing Fashion Nova baby bump photos of IG for a couple of months now. Many people thought the baby’s father was Justin Combs,

Booker is young, not tied down, and has a few days off. 

What else would he be doing?

He’s already acting like an NBA vet. 

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