Sethi said he made the call because “I could not guarantee his health and safety,” a conclusion that overrode the desire of fans and the fighters to see the fight play out. But he said as soon as he made the call, he was questioned by the UFC itself when fight commentator Joe Rogan said it was “very, very usual for a doctor to stop a fight for a cut like that.”

“You have a very, very charged crowd, and you just make it more charged,” he said. “I was walking back [from the cage] and people from the top were yelling at me, ‘f–k this, f–k that.’”

Sethi told MMA Fighting that the harassment carried from the arena into his personal and professional life, where he has been threatened in person and over his phone and seen critical fake reviews of his neurology practice.

“It’s a shame that’s what it boils down to,” Sethi said. “Anybody who’s involved in that sport should be hanging their head in shame when that happens.”

That’s his job to do. 

Of course no one likes to see a fight stopped, but it’s part of the sport. 

This isn’t fight to the death, although I’m pretty sure some fans would prefer it that way. . .

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