ESPN college basketball analyst Dick Vitale took a shot at Terrell Owens for his decision to not attend his Hall of Fame induction ceremony.  He called the former NFL star “childish” for not attending.

Dickie V included pictures of himself from his induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame.   

What is the thing of @terrellowens to not want to be honored on @NFL Hall of Fame weekend / It is such a memorable magical moment / TO is being #CHILDISHl due to not getting in sooner.

Childish or not, T.O. is 100 percent in the right here.  The fact that he put up first ballot Hall of Fame numbers and didn’t get inducted as a first ballot Hall of Famer for being a bad teammate is ridiculous.

T.O. performed on the field at a high level and was wildly entertaining on and off of it.