Some love him, some can’t stand him. Dicky V is one of the most animated commentators not only in college basketball but in all sports, and has become synonymous with college hoops  

He’s entertaining to say the least. Dickie was announcing a game from Vegas this week, and had to say when the game was nearing its end. 

Via Awful Announcing

“When you come back to Vegas, you got to go see Jennifer Lopez,” Vitale said on the ESPN broadcast.  “I mean … she is to dance and music what LeBron is to absolute basketball.” 

Looks like Dickie V has a bit of a crush on J-Lo. Check out his post below. He’s awesome baby. Dickie V is a national treasure IMO. Personally I think J-Lo is more like Russell Westbrook. Yea none of it makes any sense, especially when Dickie V is screaming about it.