At the Harlem’s Fashion Row style awards earlier this week, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James may have taken a shot at former Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant, to praise his own wife, Savannah.

To give some background on that line, Drake put it in one of his songs, and it was about Kobe and his wife. 

Drake explained the rationale behind the line.

That line came from a conversation about being this young and making this much money and the fear of losing it all. I just used his potential situation to address my own life. I never intended to offend Vanessa or anyone else. That line had everything to do with me and what goes on in my head as a 25 year old man with this much income flowing in. Kobe is and always will be a friend and an icon to me.

Maybe LeBron unintentionally said that, but he definitely knows the meaning behind it, so either way, it was a dig at Kobe. Intentional or not. 

H/T Page Six