News broke on Friday that police were investigating suspected child abuse at the home Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill.  Reports later came out that the police have been called to the home twice for incidents involving Hill’s three-year old son.

Rumors started to surface that Hill broke his son’s arm.  A video posted on Snapchat on Friday show that the son does not currently have a broken arm (although it’s possible the video isn’t a current one).

Hill’s son did have a broken arm earlier in the year.  He was seen with a cast on at the end of January and had one on at the Pro Bowl.

Here’s a picture of Hill’s son January with Spider-Man and you can see his arm is in a cast.


The picture of Hill’s son at the Pro Bowl has been deleted by the NFL.  Are they just cleaning up their accounts in case the accusations against Hill are true?  Or are they making an attempt to protect the player?

We know the NFL is much harsher on players with substance abuse issues than it is on players with domestic violence problems or made up deflating football scandals.

It doesn’t appear as if Hunt’s son currently has a broken arm.  It is possible the two incidents in March have caused police to look into how the three-year old broke his arm earlier this year.

Either way there is more to this story that hasn’t come out yet.

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