You may believe that all slots games are basically the exact same, but that isn’t always the truth. Although they’re played in a similar fashion, the actual rules and the ways to win might be different from game to game. This is why it’s useful to know which kind of slot game you like before you get started. Here are some of the most popular types. 

Classic Slots

Slot machines initially came into existence in 1895. They had been developed by Charles Fey, and the original version was known as the Liberty Bell. This game was extremely basic, had a pull down lever, and also – for the first time ever – paid out money rather than bar tokens. It’s because of this that the Liberty Bell actually took off, and the reason it’s remembered today. 

Classic slot games are based upon the very first slot machines with three rotating drums plus a lever on the side. And a number of these three reel slots have simply one payline across a single row. Naturally, retro three reel slots usually give many more options than authentic slots, but either way, you’re in a position to play slots which are just as they had originally been designed. 

Video Slots

Video (multi line) slot games will be probably the favourite games nowadays. Why? Basically, it’s because they have more features than conventional slots, and they come built with the most amazing graphics and soundtracks – often they’re like mini movies when you play them. Most video slots contain five reels, but some of the contemporary ones boast six, or even a lot more. And more reels would mean more paylines; therefore, it’s not surprising that a number of these video slots with a lot more paylines give players much better chances of winning. 

Progressive Slots

While progressive slot online games do not differ a lot from video slots when it comes to the actual gameplay, they really do differ significantly with respect to winning potential. In video slots, the jackpot is static – it is what it is and you either win it or you don’t. If you don’t, nothing changes and you have other chances to win the same amount. It doesn’t change and therefore is not progressive. 

But in progressive slots, as the name suggests, the jackpot keeps growing. The more people who play and the longer it takes to win, the jackpot gets bigger and better, often ending up well into the hundreds of thousands and sometimes even in the millions. Take Microgaming’s Mega Moolah, for example. In 2015, a British soldier referred to as John Heywood received the jackpot in this game. And guess just how much he won? £13.2 million. Classic video and retro slots can’t compete with this type of prize.