When it comes to finding great value in sports betting, golf is the apex. Golf betting offers a chance to gain large sums of money without risk as much as in other sports. The catch is that picking the winner out of a pool of 156 golfers is no easy feat.

Golf offers an abundance of betting opportunities, such as the league champion, the leader following the first round, the winner of a head-to-head matchup, the odds of a hole-in-one, the best country, and many others. It’s easy to find a golf championship to bet on every week, as there are always multiple events going on, particularly major championships. We will brief you on the most common golf bets now.

To Win Bets

“To win” is probably golf’s most common and famous bet. To win this golf bet, you must predict which golfer will come out on top in your chosen tournament. No matter the number of strokes or how gracefully one wins, one must celebrate victory anyway. The only significant thing is that they win the scenario you choose. Payments will vary from golfer to golfer based on how likely they will win the event or round in question. Any golfer who is a heavy-betting favorite will have a smaller payout. 

On the other hand, if your golfer is a formidable opponent to win, you can anticipate a larger reward. To-win wagers have the advantage of being easy to understand and implement. It is a great place to begin if you are a novice to golf betting.

Each-Way Golf Betting

This type of betting is often favored by golf prediction and data-led tipster services such as Form Golfer, and you could say that this is a “double back” bet. You’re putting your money on a golfer to do well. The bookies’ each-way betting choices often require a top-five finish. There are two possible results: either they will come in first or place in the top five (often bookies offer top eight and top ten as well for shorter odds). Whether you should go for this golf bet or not is conditional on the situation, your level of risk appetite, and other factors. It can be a worthwhile and enjoyable betting choice in big tournaments with much unpredictability, such as golf. If your sportsbook doesn’t provide each-way betting, you can simulate it by placing equal wagers on the player to win and finish in the top five.

Head-to-Head Matchups

If you get a good piece on how confident golfers will play, these bets are a terrific opportunity to earn money and are an enjoyable experience. The sportsbooks will pair up two golfers, allowing you to bet on whom you think will win in a head-to-head contest. These bets are irrelevant to how the players perform compared to the remainder of the field. It makes no difference if they win the game or not. The only significant thing is how well one golfer does relative to another in a bet. There will be both round-by-round and final-round confrontations, with each player facing off against every other player in the competition.

Versus-the-Field Bets

You can make a versus-the-field golf bet in events when there is an obvious winner that everyone expects to win. You can bet on the possibility that the same player will win the event, along with the rest of the field. If you’re on the player’s side, you only need them to win the game. If you enter the game, you can win with just one player. Remember that a golfer’s chances will differ depending on how much of a frontrunner they are and how likely they will be to hold off most of the field.


Futures bets are common in every sport imaginable. Long-term bets are those whose outcomes will not be known for quite some time. Bets predicting who will claim the FedEx Cup are the most common type of futures bet in the elite golfing world. The wager is easy to understand, and the payout is substantial due to the difficulty of making accurate forecasts. One can place futures bets at any time throughout the year. Because so many things can change in a single year, your odds are more favorable at the start of the year. For gamblers, the better a golfer performs, the lower his odds. But if a golfer is having a difficult start to the season, one can be sure that it will show in their futures odds.

Top Nationality Betting

You get several options to choose from when it comes to betting on golfers from a specific zone, allowing you to wager on the best players from Australia, Asia, the United States, or another country. There may be just two people betting or as many as twenty, all based on how many people are contesting from that zone. The odds change based on who of the golfers is the clear favorite among the rest.

There are times, though, when you may want to use more than one form of golf bet for your own purposes. But if you know how to proceed and keep looking for smart bets, you’ll have an excellent shot at making money as a long-term golf bettor.