Okay, the past couple of seasons paint a sorry picture for New York Jet fans. They’ve only managed a handful of wins in several campaigns, and are often given the wooden spoon weeks before the NFL season proper kicks off. Considering 2020’s miserable campaign, it’s easy to see why. Plus, they have now lost Sam Darnold, the team’s one-time franchise quarterback for the foreseeable future.   

On the surface, it doesn’t appear as if 2021 is going to get any better for Jet supporters. Even hardcore fans don’t expect a play-off run. Still, pigeon-holing them as the worst side in the entirety of the NFL without considering the following factors is naïve.  

High Draft Pick

With Darnold sent packing to the Carolina Panthers, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that the Jets will be desperate for a replacement. There’s a chance the management could make a deal outside of the draft, but the 2021 NFL draft is likely to be where New York begins its search.  

In fact, the franchise has probably already found the QB it believes can spearhead the side’s season when a ball is thrown in anger later this year. Seen as the Jets have the number two pick, the odds are high that either Zach Wilson or Trevor Lawrence will end up in New Jersey, depending on whether the Jacksonville Jaguars use their number one pick on a QB.  

Both are outstanding prospects that will bring a new lease of life to a team that’s in dire need of a kick in the butt, especially Wilson who has been dominating for BYU. Darnold wasn’t the right fit, and no amount of shoehorning him into the line-up would have worked. Plus, the past couple of years have highlighted how rookie QBs can hit the ground running in the pressure-cooker of the NFL. Does the name Patrick Mahomes ring a bell to anyone?  

A Multitude of Picks

Their number two draft pick for 2021 is set in stone and going nowhere. However, the Jets have added a sixth-rounder to their arsenal with the Darnold trade. Not only that, but they get the second and fourth-round picks in 2022, too.  

Punters won’t be rushing out to back them for Super Bowl anytime soon. After all, everyone understands how unreliable the draft is when human beings are involved. But it would be wrong of bettors, pundits and fans to ignore the obvious, which is that the Jets have an opportunity to fix their mistakes. The reality is that making predictions of teams’ final placing is similar to placing wagers on the NFL because it’s tempting to go with what you know without making any great effort to see what’s in front of your eyes. Of course, a quality football betting guide will always encourage you to invest in study and research as these are the elements that reveal patterns. Plus, they aren’t boring to passionate supporters.  

The same applies to keeping your finger on the pulse of the Jets’ pre-season preparations. You might be tempted to blow off the news as nothing but conjecture, yet the truth is that the franchise is objectively in a healthy position to add quality players to the roster while removing the toxic elements.  

No Gase  

Let’s face it – Adam Gase didn’t deserve the role of head coach of a college football team, let alone any franchise in the sport’s leading competition. How he managed to spend two years in New Jersey is baffling. Thankfully, he’s longer around as he’s been replaced by Robert Saleh.  

Players are already putting it on the record that they want to play for the man who started his career as the defensive coordinator of the San Fransisco 49ers. Vital team members from Sheldon Rankins to Vinny Curry have explained how the aggressiveness of the defense excites them and makes the Jets a different prospect.  

Yes, this doesn’t mean they’ll run away with the AFC East. However, you shouldn’t be shocked if the Jets do manage to beat their 2-14 record and cause a few upsets along the way.