A disturbing recording of Tyreek Hill and Crystal Espinal discussing their son’s broken has surfaced after it was sent to a Kansas City news station.  In the disturbing recording the Chiefs receiver is heard threatening his fiancee as he talks about “disciplining” the couple’s three-year-old. 

At one point Hill is heard telling Espinal, “you need to be terrified of me too, b*tch.”


KCTV5’s investigative department was sent a recording of Tyreek Hill and his fiancé discussing the police investigation and what they are telling police.

The recording is believed to have been made in early March when the parents were walking through Dubai’s international airport. KCTV5 was told the recording was an “insurance policy” for Crystal Espinal.

Espinal sent it to at least one friend for safekeeping because she didn’t feel she could keep a recording on her phone. It has since been shared and sent to us by someone who is concerned about the welfare of the couple’s child.

Listen to the recording here.

This recording is certainly enough to get the Chiefs and the NFL to take some sort of action.  It should be enough now for the District Attorney in the child abuse case to press charges.  

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