Dodgers catcher Yasmani Grandal had a rough game during the Dodgers 4-0 Game 3 loss to the Brewers.  So rough that the home crowd booed their starting catcher and even starting chanting for the backup.

Via Los Angeles Times:

The Dodgers catcher committed his third passed ball in two starts, and he failed to corral a wild pitch that caromed away from him as a run scored.

He also struck out three times, twice when even a fly ball would have scored a run.

Boos rained down upon Grandal.

So did a brief chant of “We Want Austin,” a popular demand for backup catcher Austin Barnes.

Grandal’s rough start earned him a seat on the bench.  After the game Dave Roberts said that Austing Barnes would get the start for Game 4.

Grandal also spoke with the media and had a different perspective about his performance in Game 3.