The Miami Dolphins are wrapping up another miserable year.  At 7-8 and out of playoff contention again, they will be making some changes.  One of those changes is reportedly at the quarterback position.

The Miami Herald is reporting that the team plans to cut or trade the former first round pick, who has proven that he isn’t close to the talent the Dolphins thought he was when they first drafted him.  Moving on from Tannehill would save them a lot of money.

At this point, that appears unlikely. The Miami Herald reported Sunday that the Dolphins are prepared to move on from Tannehill after seven seasons instead of paying him the $19 million he’s owed each of the next two seasons and carrying a $26.6 million cap hit next season. None of that money is guaranteed.

Moving on from Tannehill makes a ton of sense.  He hasn’t delivered in his seven seasons in Miami and the team hasn’t been to the playoffs in nine of the last ten seasons.  

The only question is who takes over at quarterback?  Do they make a run at a guy like Joe Flacco?  Do they draft a quarterback?  Do they do both?  It should be interesting to see what they do after getting rid of Tannehill.

If we’ve learned anything from the Dolphins over the years, it’s that whatever they decide to do will be the wrong move.