Via Sports Illustrated:

The big mystery continues to be the fate of Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa. I can’t find anyone who thinks Miami is taking him. With the Chargers, it depends more on who you talk to—and like I said in this morning’s column, GM Tom Telesco’s pretty good at concealing his intentions. If Tagovailoa slides past No. 6, it certainly opens up the question of when/if the Chargers will add another quarterback, and whether it’ll be in the draft or with a veteran. And it, of course, leads to Tagovailoa sliding, because from there it’s hard to find a home for him. We’ve seen this in the past. Aaron Rodgers, Brady Quinn and Johnny Manziel are among those in the fairly recent past who most people figured would go top 10, and wound up slipping into the 20s. There’s some expectation that Tagovailoa could tempt the Raiders with one of their picks. And there’s speculation that Patriots coach Bill Belichick could take a swing if Tagovailoa falls far enough, given that Nick Saban has given the quarterback glowing reviews, both publicly and privately, and the two coaches are so close.

A fall is almost certain for Tua, the only question is how much of a fall.  Is he going to somehow fall to the Patriots and magically have all of the concerns about his health and Wonderlic score disappear?

Anything is possible.  

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