Of course Donald Trump always has to have the last word. 

President Trump took a shot at the head of the Big Baller Empire when discussing his relationship with China and Chinese President Xi Jinping 

Via Mediaite:

President Donald Trump relitigated his year-old beef with sports media personality LaVar Ball, whose son, along with two other players, was apprehended in China for theft while he was playing basketball for UCLA in 2017.

“I said, ‘It would be a great thing if you could possibly let them out?’ He goes, ‘So be it. They’re out.’ I said, ‘is this different than our country, eh? Just a little bit different?’” Trump said, repeating the discussion he had with President Xi Jinping to a group of governors at the White House today.

“We got them out. Then we came back and the one father said, ‘Well we don’t know that Trump helped. I sent a consultant.’ That consultant would have gotten nowhere.”

Ball who was not happy that Trump took credit for getting his son out of China, took umbrage with Donald making Lavar seem inconsequential. 

The Big Baller even shared an animated GIF on Twitter showing him dunking on Trump.

These two need to celebrity box. 

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