Draymond Green is complaining about all the complaining

And some are not having it. 

ESPN’s Mike Greenberg became a target after leaving an Instagram comment on a clip of Draymond Green, who said it was “kind of embarrassing for the game of basketball with how much has been talked about fouls and officiating.”

“There isn’t a player in the NBA past or present who complains more about calls so this is a strange position to take,” Greenberg wrote.

Draymond caught wind of the ESPN Host’s comment, and fired back at him.  

“You are entitled to your opinion,” Green wrote. “However, this was less about players complaining on the floor and more about your boring ass show has spent the last two days speaking about fouls and not 1 X or O. But that doesn’t seem to be your strong suit, so proceed….”

Check out the exchange below:

Not sure why Greeny had to throw in his two cents. 

He has three hours each day on television to do so. 

Draymond is not the kind of guy that takes a shot and doesn’t fire back.  We’ll see how Green responds on the court when the Warriors face the Rockets in Game 3 of their best of seven series.  The Warriors are currently slight favorites heading into the game. For sports betting news go to: https://sportsbettingusa.online/.

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