The Golden State Warriors were projected to be the team to beat in the NBA. However, LeBron James’ jump to the Los Angeles Lakers is making fans and analysts change their tune.

Draymond Green of the Warriors says he and the team are not worrying about that.

Green also touched on a few other topics. Check them out below: 

Green talked about several other topics on and off the court:

  • On his recent altercation with Cleveland Cavaliers center Tristan Thompson at a Los Angeles party: “I don’t feel the need to respond or go into detail on that. That ain’t for me to do.”
  • On LeBron James signing with the Los Angeles Lakers: “That is great. He was able to make a decision he wanted to make regardless of whatever anyone thought. To see someone make that kind of decision is always exciting to see.”
  • On whether the Warriors are worried about the Lakers: “Teams worry about us. We don’t worry about nobody. We are the champs. Why do we have to worry about anybody? They have to worry about us. They say we are ruining the league. I love it!”
  • On fellow All-Star DeMarcus Cousins signing with the Warriors as a free agent: “We are excited as hell to have ‘Cuz’ here. ‘Cuz’ is a top-five talent in this league with something to prove.”
  • On how good the Warriors can be with Cousins: “We can be as close to unstoppable as you can be.”
  • On whether he is well-rested: “This is about the time I get back to using the basketball and get back to moving around a lot. The time off was really much needed, but now it’s time to get back out there about six weeks from training camp. It’s time to rev it up a bit.”
  • On what he is working on in the offseason: “My body, most importantly. I am just continuing to get my body into shape to withstand the long season and long playoff run. I also want to continue to improve on my jump shot.”