Drew Brees is all in for Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield.

The statement came from a quarterback headed to the Hall of Fame and was made about a guy who began the season as the backup to Tyrod Taylor.

Mayfield was the first overall pick in the draft, but he has yet to throw an NFL pass. Brees, meanwhile, has thrown for 70,884 yards, completed 67 percent of his throws and won a Super Bowl in an 18-year career.

“Man, he’s got all the tools,” Brees said. “He’s more athletic. He probably can run around better. He’s got a stronger arm.”

“I followed his college career,” Brees said. “Couldn’t have been more impressed with what he was able to accomplish, especially last year. Really impressed with the way he plays the game. I think he’s a great competitor.”

“We call it the 6-foot-and-under club,” Brees said. “All the 6-foot guys kind of … we kind of know what it’s like. We kind of have the chip on our shoulder because we’ve heard it our whole life.

“I just kind of chuckle at it.”

Is Mayfield now a member of that club?

“Well, is he 6-foot-and-under?” Brees asked.

Mayfield is listed at 6-foot-1, but he was measured at 6-foot-3/8 at the Senior Bowl and 6-foot-5/8 at the combine, so call it 6-foot-1/2.

“Well, all right, that counts,” Brees said. “He’s in. He’s in the club.”

Brees certainly never had the strongest arm, but in order for Baker to be better, he’s going to have to have a Hall of Fame career. Not easy. Brees is one of the all time best. Good luck to Baker.