“Antonio takes these allegations very seriously,” Rosenhaus told ESPN. “He is a loving father [of] five children, including a daughter. I myself am a father and I have two children, two daughters, that I love very much, along with my wife. I wouldn’t be doing this interview if I didn’t believe Antonio. These allegations are false. He denies every one of them. I’m very confident that his legal team has facts that will prove this.”

 “What I want to emphasize to everybody is please allow the situation to play itself out,” Rosenhaus said. “Antonio will cooperate. He will cooperate with the Patriots, with the NFL, with any investigation, with the NFLPA, and in time Antonio will be cleared. These allegations in the lawsuit are false. They are not true. They are absolutely not true.”

“I’m advising him to let the truth come out,” Rosenhaus said. “I’m advising him to concentrate on football. I’m advising him to cooperate with the Patriots, with the NFL, with the NFLPA. Antonio and I both strongly believe that these allegations are very serious. In no way to we condone any type of illegal conduct, misbehavior. None of that happened here. This is a money grab. I’ll repeat this, this is a money grab. In my opinion, this is a money grab.”

“Please keep in mind that Antonio denies these allegations,” Rosenhaus said. “He will have a full investigation. He will go through the legal process. And we will cooperate. And there are facts out there that will come to light that will establish that he is indeed not guilty of any of these accusations. This is a civil matter, and this is a proceeding where the accuser is seeking financial gain.”

Drew Rosenhaus sold his soul to the devil a long, long time ago. 

You really can’t believe a word he says, even when he’s telling the truth. 

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