The Philadelphia Phillies introduced Bryce Harper as the newest member of the team at their Spring Training home in Clearwater, Florida.  During the press conference, Harper was asked about the huge contract he just signed.

Harper responded by first pointing out the amount of money floating around the game of baseball and how some of it should be going to the players.  

The Phillies right fielder then pointed out that his average annual salary on his new deal is only around $26 million.  And he hinted that there is a certain guy (Mike Trout), who becomes a free agent in a couple years, that the Phillies could be in on because of his average annual salary.

Harper spent most of the press conference talking about winning and doing so for many years.  Going after a guy like Trout would certainly appear to be a move that would help Philadelphia do some winning.

Whether Harper has already had conversations with the front office about Trout or whether he was hinting at the types of moves he expects them to make is unknown.

What is known is Harper now has to do something he couldn’t do with some pretty good teams in Washington, deliver a World Series title.

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