Last year, a gay man named Masin Elije sued Dwight Howard and alleged as part of his lawsuit that they had a sexual relationship.

According to Masin, Dwight asked him to sign a nondisclosure agreement where Masin would agree to remain silent about their alleged romantic relationship.

Masin says he refused Dwight’s request, and the NBA player began harassing and threatening him online and by phone.

Masin sued Dwight over the alleged threats, and now the lawsuit is heating up.

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Masin is now claiming that Dwight is refusing to turn over some crucial evidence that would help to prove his case.

Dwight’s lawyers, on the other hand, have taken the position that allowing Masin to have access to this information would give him the opportunity to spread more lies about the NBA star and have filed a motion to block him from receiving certain “personal” information.

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