Transgender Masin Elije claims Dwight Howard cheated on her with other trans women while the two were reportedly engaged in a romantic relationship. 

She also claims she’s now coming forward as a result of being stalked, threatened and harassed by Howard.

Now it looks like some are enjoying Dwight being in hot water. 

Royce Reed, another one of Howard’s exes and the mother of his child Braylon found out about the salacious rumors and decided to preempt everyone commenting on her social media accounts.

“Excuse me the comments are starting,” and captioned it with some popcorn emojis.

Royce Reed called things off with Dwight Howard shortly after their son, who is now 11, was born. 

Howard would later sue Reed for defamation and Reed would subsequently claim that Howard abused their son. 

Check out more pics of Dwight’s baby mama below: