Dwight Howard’s  trainer, Justin Zormelo, said Howard has some grand plans to help extend his NBA career:

Via the Washington Post

Howard, who turns 33 in December, is set to enter his first season with the Wiz after getting bought out by the Brooklyn Nets following a trade from the Charlotte Hornets.

Zormelo said he worked to expand Howard’s game entering last season: “I had to figure out how to change his game into what today’s style of play was. We added ball-handling, we added shooting. Just a completely different mindset than he’s used to playing [with]. I was able to figure out how to add different skills to Dwight, and he adapts pretty quickly.”

The 265-pound Howard also lost 23 pounds between the end of the 2016-17 season and the start of 2017-18. A little late for Howard to evolve his game. His game already has started to devolve, as you can tell if you’ve seen him play the last few seasons. 

Good luck trying to become the next Anthony Davis or Kevin Durant, those guys are pretty much unicorns. How about you work on your free throws and attitude, that would be a great place to start.