After years of facing fertility struggles, Gabrielle Union finally became a mother only a few months ago. 

The actress and her NBA husband Dwayne Wade’s baby girl was born via surrogate. 

Some people have their opinions on natural birth versus surrogacy, and one person who voiced their opinion on the subject was Dwyane Wade’s baby mama Aja. 

Check out the screenshots below: 

One person slammed Aja by saying: 

“So why did she remove the “LOL” from the end? The “lol” is what made it shade. Why put it? That was the purpose? Shade! She was throwing shade at Gabby. It wasn’t innocent. You still big mad he didn’t choose you, sis. Let’s just be honest with ourselves.”

Just a dumb post. She can try to explain it away but I’m guessing the damage has already been done. 

You know posting that is going to illicit a negative response. 

Check out some pics of DWade’s baby mama Aja below: 

No comment from Wade and Union yet over her posts. 

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