EA Sports officially released the Madden 20 ratings on Monday, and the reaction wasn’t all that great.

It’s that time of the year once again, folks. We’re just under two months away from the 2019 NFL Season, but soon enough we will get to virtually kick off the year with EA Sports’ Madden 20. Every year we go through the same thing. Madden releases the rookie ratings, and people are shocked at how robust EA is with the ratings.

Then, following the rookie releases a week or two later, the full rankings come out for each roster, and the sports gaming world loses their minds. It’s nothing new over here. However, this year does feel a bit more extreme. Perhaps there are more Twitter users engaged with the sports gaming world this year. Or maybe, EA Sports really dropped the ball here with the ratings.

Either way, people are not too pleased. But it’s not just the fans that are upset this year — there have been a lot of players voicing their displeasure with EA this season as well. I most likely missed a few complaints from current players, but it was impossible not to stumble across a few that stood out on social media. Here are the few player complaints I’ve stumbled across.

Keenan Allen, Chargers WR

It’s Madden boycott season for Chargers’ wideout, Keenan Allen! First of all, an 89 overall is not that bad. Granted, Allen does tend to get underrated more often than not, but I don’t believe an overall just under 90 is not so bad. Maybe if Allen hit the 90s range, he would consider playing this year, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Saquon Barkley, Giants RB

I believe you know who Saquon Barkley is; second-overall pick in 2018, Rookie of the Year, All-Rookie, Pro Bowl, the whole nine. Barkley is really good at football and was most definitely in the 90s range, but hearing only a 91 had Saquon making a disgusted face. Maybe EA needs to see more to offer Barkley some more points, but some of his lower ratings were laughable.  Regardless, Giants fans are excited to see what Saquon and the team can do this season and are visiting NJ sports betting to place some early wagers on the Giants.

Antonio Brown, Raiders WR

Antonio Brown didn’t voice his displeasure with EA Sports by doing an interview or tweeting about the ratings. But there have been multiple reports about the new Raiders wideout being upset with his rating. The funny thing about it is that Brown didn’t wait until the full ratings came out to get upset. Instead, he was already assuming he wasn’t going to like his rating.

Before the full list of ratings came out, EA Sports released which handful of players were getting a 99 overall rating this year. Antonio Brown was upset to not find himself on the list. However, when the full rankings came out, Brown would find out he got a 98, rather than a 99. Either way, it didn’t matter. He still wants to complain. Usually I’d take the players side instead of EA, but in this case, I won’t. 98 is way better than most, AB.

Tyrann Mathieu, Chiefs S

Tyrann Mathieu had multiple complaints about this year’s rankings, but the funny thing is that none of them had to do with him. Mathieu wasn’t happy to see how Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson ranked. He said, “Wilson should never be under a 90. Period.”

But to be honest, I’m a bit confused. Wilson ended up with a 91 overall, so Mathieu must’ve gotten some bad information, or misread the ratings. Or perhaps he was talking about speed, which Wilson ranked as an 86? I’m not sure. Either way, the Chiefs new safety was not happy.