eBay has begun pulling listings of an inexpensive 1990-91 Hoops basketball card featuring former New York Knicks guard Mark Jackson following the revelation that notorious killers Lyle and Erik Menendez appear to be seated courtside in the photo.

According to sports trading card magazine Beckett: 

eBay has begun to pull listings of the Jackson basketball card, telling sellers it is against the website’s policy to sell an item affiliated with murders or serial killers. “Affiliated with means items that are directly associated with the person,” eBay said in a email to sellers. “This can include (but is not limited to) objects like photographs, paintings, action figures, flags, sculptures, pins, books authored by the person, items they have owned, etc.”

The listing, which is still available, has been viewed more than 15,000 times.

The seller isn’t overly concerned, though.

Not sure what the value is with the infamous brothers in the background. It’s a novelty at best, 

My favorite novelty card has to be Cal Ripken’s brother’s card. 

You know which one I’m talking about. 

Now that has to be worth something. 

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