Eddie Hall and “Game of Thrones” giant Hafthor Julius Bjornsson are on a collision course for a fearsome fight between two of the strongest men on the planet after a war of words broke out over the world deadlift record.

Bjornsson, who is best known for his enormous screen presence while playing “The Mountain” in the hit TV series “Game of Thrones,” stunned fans by lifting 501kg (1,105lbs) on Saturday, breaking the record held by Hall since 2016 and appearing to find the feat easier than his relatively diminutive English rival.

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‘The Beast’ seemed to offer his fellow warrior support before his long-awaited attempt at the incredible lift, saying he hoped the Icelander “smashed” it and wishing him “big love” in an attempt that had to be made in a gym rather than under official conditions because of isolation restrictions enforced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But Hall quickly resorted to fighting talk and reopened a rift over malpractice between the former World’s Strongest Man champions after seeing Bjornsson resurrect talk of an organized fight in the aftermath of his astonishing achievement.

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