A source within the New York Giants organization says that Eli Manning’s future with the team has not yet been decided and the soon to be 38-year-old could return as the team’s starting quarterback next season.  

Via SNY:

There is still a chance that Manning will return to the Giants in 2019 — and even return as their starting quarterback, according to a team source. The decision on his future has “absolutely not” been made, the source said, and management is open to the idea that another year with Manning at the helm might be the best option they have.

But the biggest reason a Manning return can’t be ruled out, the source said, is this: “Who’s going to replace him?”

It hasn’t hit a sad enough level yet for the Giants to decide to move on and they don’t have a young stud like Brock Osweiler waiting to take over.  As soon as Eli starts throwing up ducks on every other pass, like his brother before him, the Giants will start their search for a new quarterback.

It’s getting really close, but the Giants just aren’t ready to let go.  Eli did win them two Super Bowls after all.  Doing so almost singlehandedly without any help from pretty good defenses.