The Giants quarterback said Monday he has no insight into whether Peyton would consider the Jets’ job.

I don’t know,” Eli Manning told Tom Rock of Newsday. “I have not talked to him about that. I have no inside scoop on that.”

Newsday has quoted a source who doubts Peyton Manning will pursue the opportunity with the Jets.

Eli, though, doesn’t appear to have a problem with the idea of his older brother sharing the stage in New York if that’s what Peyton wanted to do.

“Obviously we play the Jets [in the regular season] this year, but in that sense, I don’t know if there would be that much that overlapped,” Eli said of the business between the two teams that split MetLife Stadium, not to mention the back pages of New York’s newspapers. “I don’t think it would be strange.”

Not sure Petyon is going to align himself with the Jets. 

The former Quarterback seems to be in no rush to figure out how to spend the rest of his professional life. 

If the Jets swing and miss with Peyton, in a few years maybe they can convince Eli to work for them. 

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