New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning recalled a funny story about being heckled by a 9-year-old Eagles fan while explaining why Philadelphia is the toughest place to play.  He was speaking at as part of a panel on head injury awareness and answered several questions about playing in the NFL.

According to Eli, the 9-year-old Eagles fan gave him double middle fingers and insulted his mother with an insult he later had to Google.

Via Newsday:

“You go there, and that 9-year-old kid is giving you the double finger,” he said. “Not a thumbs-up. Not, ‘We’re No. 1.’ And he said something about my mom; I had to Google what it was. It’s just different. It’s a different culture.”

That had to be back when the Giants were good and winning Super Bowls.  Manning is probably welcomed with open arms these days, because Eagles fans know they will be going home with a win.

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