On Friday night as the Knicks took a double-digit loss at the hands of the Nets in Brooklyn, chants of “where is Kanter” and “you need Kanter” broke out.  Enes Kanter, the Knicks big man, was benched for a second straight game without explanation.

During the “you need Kanter” chant by Nets fans, Kanter could be seen at the end of the bench nodding in approval.

Although Kanter says he wasn’t given an explanation as to why he didn’t play after his first DNP, it seems to be clear that the Knicks are planning to trade him.  

The Knicks don’t want to be stuck with him if he was to get injured.  They might also be evaluating others and deciding who they want to keep and what their team without Kanter looks like.

That or they just don’t like Kanter.