On April 28, the Australian Communications and Media Authority imposed one of several fines that the casino operator has racked up over the years on Entain. Although the corporation has admitted to taking unlawful wagers on a LIV golf event, it maintains that the infringement was the result of a simple clerical error. It’s not all bad news for Entain, as it claimed that its net gaming revenue was 22% higher in Q1 of 2023 thanks to its 50% ownership of BetMGM, and BetMGM net worth, as was stated by the company in 2021, is around $32 billion dollars.

According to a statement by ACMA, Entain permitted 78 wagers to be placed after the competition had started on its Ladbrokes and Ned online sports betting platforms. Even though in-play betting is permitted in many jurisdictions, Australia nonetheless forbids live bets because it still holds the belief that gamblers lack self-control.

Compared to other fines Entain faced, this one is rather tiny. The greatest amount permitted by law, according to the ACMA’s invoice, was $8,820.

Typo Resulted in a Fine

Entain acknowledged the penalty and claimed that a misprint was to blame. The LIV competition’s start time was recorded improperly in the system, and the company’s controls did not send out any alerts that the tournament had already started.

Wagers on the game were accepted for three hours. Entain didn’t become aware of a problem until a customer managed to get a business representative to look into it.

Ladbrokes took 59 bets at that point, while Neds took 19. There is no mention of their estimated value or the potential amount at risk. Entain was compelled to repay the money, cancel all 78 bets, and deprive its clients of any prospective gains.

Entain is the first operator to incur a penalty for breaking Australia’s laws governing online live betting. To guarantee a similar mistake doesn’t happen again, the business also stated that it has now examined and modified its live betting protocols.

The guidelines for what is and isn’t permitted in the remote gaming industry were created by Australia’s Interactive Gaming Act (ICA) of 2001. It includes all kinds of gambling, including sportsbooks, that may be done via downloaded applications, phone-in options, and internet platforms.

About Entain

UK-based Entain is a multinational provider of gaming and sports betting entertainment. Ladbrokes, bwin, Coral, and Sportingbet are just a few of the well-known brands it manages. It also, as mentioned above, owns 50% of BetMGM, which partnered with NBC Sports to provide betting integration during the NFL season. Casino games, sports betting, poker, and bingo are among the company’s services that are provided both online and in physical stores. Entain is well-established in a number of markets, including Australia, the UK, the US, and Europe. 

The business takes pride in offering its patrons responsible and environmentally friendly entertainment, and it has won numerous awards for its dedication to these values. Entain is renowned for its cutting-edge approach to technology and customer service as well as for consistently looking for ways to enhance its goods and services.