ESPN’s Keith Olbermann is back to getting in trouble with his employer for his behavior on social media, sort of.  The 60-year-old sports commentator’s latest controversy involves a tweet he sent out about a Mississippi hunter for killing a rare turkey.

Olbermann called the hunter, 22-year-old Hunter Waltman, a “pea-brained scumbag.”  He also said that, “we should do our best to make sure the rest of his life is a living hell.”

It seems like a rational response from someone with over a million Twitter followers who makes his living on TV.  Don’t worry, not only has Olbermann not deleted the tweet, ESPN made sure to talk to him about making personal attacks.  

It looks like the talking to worked.

Something tells me Olbermann enjoys mixing it up far too much to ever change.  Which is perfectly fine, if you aren’t cashing checks from Disney.  They might not be as quick to back up calls to ruin people’s lives.

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