Jemele Hill joined Keyshawn, Jorge, and LZ on ESPN Radio in Los Angeles this morning, and they asked her about a crazy story involving National Sidepiece Day, because of course national sidepiece day is a thing. 

You can hear Jemele go in about the time she was a sidepiece below: 

Dissatisfied with a college relationship where she was “coming off the bench” when she deserved to be a “starter,” Jemele took out a classified ad in the MSU student newspaper on February 15th in an attempt to blow up the spot. While the guy’s girlfriend “cussed him out,” they stayed together, so the attempt to break them up was ultimately unsuccessful.  

So this is why Jemele Hill left SportsCenter, so she can discuss the details of men slighting her. This is just too much goodness in one segment. Thanks for sharing Jemele. Now get back to work at the Undefeated.