File this one under things not to do from the broadcast booth. While broadcasting a Dodgers-Angels clash on ESPN Radio, Sciambi started to call a pitch from the Padres-Diamondbacks game.

Sciambi realized what he’d done before calling the result of the pitch, and then explained what happened,   He also admitted to the mistake on Twitter, which you can see above. A tough day at the office for Sciambi. 

“It’s a little harder than people think, even though you’ve got a good arm as an outfielder,” and Sciambi goes “The 1-2.” After a brief pause, Singleton continues “Not that easy to just hit 90.” Sciambi then says “Wil Myers just hit one into the pool, and I almost called it, I was watching the game.” Singleton says “I was like ‘What was he thinking? Justin and I were looking at each other, I looked at the field, there’s nothing happening.” Sciambi says “Yeah, there was no pitch. Wil Myers just hit one.”