Video gaming was considered as the waste of time in the past. many professional players have said that even their parents had thought of Esports as a failure in studies but now that the trend of Esports has spread all over the world within just some years and the researches have been conducted on Esports, people are getting aware of the benefits of it. Esports has finally achieved its position with other games and has now become a career too. It is finally getting recognition for what it really is. The benefits of Esports are increasing as the researches are finding new things all the time. Some of the impacts of Esports in daily life are:

Mental Fortitude

All the gamers are very familiar with mental fortitude because in all the competitive and even in the recreational games, you get to face situations in which you have to take in a lot of information, process it and analyze it to make sudden decisions so that you can win the game. It feels like you are playing chess on steroids along with a timer.

There are many people who take large information in and analyze the situation but what makes the gamers different from these people is that the gamers take actions with-in split seconds. This is what makes them sharper and braver that the normal people. During the game, a gamer is always conscious of his/her surrounding and is always ready for a sudden disaster which makes him/her mentally stronger.

No Injury Risk

We have heard it many times that there are people that have to leave their career of sports because of a sport-injury but that is never the case with Esports. Yes, there are people who get some sort of an injury during Esports but it is never a career-ending type of injury or a life-threatening injury. Just a little bit of rest and you are okay for the next game!


Maybe it is the most important reason why there are so many gamers! If you are a student then it won’t be wrong to say that there is a lot of pressure on you because of the studies. All these expectations of your teachers and parents about your studies put a lot of pressure on you. And the stress that you get if you are not able to be on par with these expectations is also there.

After a long and tiring day at school, you get home with a lot of homework that you have to do before sleep. Everyone deserves to do something that gives them the pleasure and a mental satisfaction after all this hectic day. Esports is the best way to relieve your stress. The competitive games are very effective in stress relieving because you have to be completely focused when you play. This tends to take your mind completely away from the other stressful things. 

If you don’t like thrilling games and would prefer soft and relaxing game then that is also possible because the world of gaming is wide enough to make anyone interested in games. Just because Esports are stress relieving, it does not mean that it is not stressful in itself. Esports is just like you are playing football and after the game, you are tired but the happiness of winning makes it all better. It is a good type of stress!

LoL Boosting is an exceptional way of getting out of a frustrating situation in the game. There are many times when the players get stuck in a division and that’s where the ELO boosting comes to help you in getting out of the division so that you can enjoy the next level of the game. Elo boosting gives you a chance in playing with the other high-level players. It’s a best way in increasing the in-game rank.

Brain Health

Esports is playing a very important role in sharpening the human mind. After a research, it was found out that Esports had increased three parts of the brain that are the Cerebellum, the Prefrontal Cortex and the Hippocampus.

The cerebellum is responsible for the motor skills and muscle movement. The actions like talking, coordination of different body parts, posture and balance are done by the Cerebellum. All these bodily functions get better with gaming. The study has also found out that gaming in old age can prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

The Prefrontal Cortex is responsible for the cognitive planning, personality, social skills, and making decisions. In a competitive game, you need to plan ahead of time and sometimes, you have to make sudden plans and communicate with your teammates at the same time to win the game. This part of brain helps you in all these actions and gaming has helped in further sharpening this part of brain.

The Hippocampus is responsible for the long-term memory, short-term memory, consolidation and information processing. The research has proved that this part of brain grows with navigation of a 3D world.


There are a lot of colleges that are giving Esports scholarships to the students and giving a chance for gamers to be on the college’s sport varsity was not very common before but within a year, it has grown so much that almost all of the colleges are providing this scholarship every year. You get to continue your studies and pursue your passion too while representing your college. This is a drastic increase in gamers due to this and many passionate players have emerged and shown their talents to the world. The gamers are making a name for themselves.

High School Esports

We already know that there are a lot of scholarships for colleges on the basis of Esports and now finally the high schools are also getting the knowledge and benefits of Esports. There are a lot of schools that have acknowledged the potential of Esports and had started the Esport clubs. There are tournaments held in the high schools in which players compete with the other teams. This early esports’ introduction for the students had increased the mental aptitude of the students to a greater level and there is a higher chance for the students to get scholarships for the colleges on Esports basis.

Hand and Eye Coordination

The coordination between hand and eye is needed in the esports. There are some racquet sports like tennis, badminton etc that require the hand and eye coordination but research had found that there is much more frequent hand and eye coordination in esports than the other sports. You need to be precise while having a full control of your hands and your eyes on the screen. The esport like league or legends that requires both hands and eye coordination is the best example because you need to keep one hand on keyboard and the other on the mouse. You have to simultaneously use your mouse and keyboard and have to look at the screen then make swift moves.