What we like the most about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is that this game varies in terms of:

  • Distribution of equipment and roles of players.
  • The playing field and categories of weapons.
  • Different combat modes and strategies of a game.
  • Betting options and plenty of various tournaments to choose from (search for available cs go matches today).

In this article we are going to tell you the standard roles of CS:GO players, which allow them to implement different strategies, as well as cultivate their skills individually. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Main Roles of Players

Any team in the game is made up of five members who assume a role according to their tactics. Therefore, there are five standard positions for each squad. Below we present a brief description of each of the forms.

The Captain

The captain of a team is the leading voice that coordinates all the movements during a match. Thus, his cunning will be the key to leading all the players to victory. He is usually a very experienced player, who is attentive to the tactical knowledge of his colleagues.

The Support

As the name suggests, this player acts as support and is responsible for ensuring that his comrades have the necessary time to carry out their mission:

  • to plant a bomb and ensure that it explodes, among other tasks in the case of Terrorists;
  • to prevent the device from being installed or, failing that, deactivate it in the case of Antiterrorists.

According to this, the grenades are a part of the Support’s arsenal.

The AWPer

The AWPer or sniper is an agile figure that perfectly dominates the long-range rifle. The main mission is to protect the perimeter and prevent enemies from getting too close. However, many teams reconfigure this role, making it less powerful. And the space is only left for the strongest snipers.

The Lurker

In a nutshell, this is a spy of the team. His role coincides with acting almost like a ninja while moving in the territory of the opponent and looking for information about the position of other players. Also, the lurkers must quickly search for details of the enemy’s strategy.

The Spearhead

It is also known as Entry Fragger, which is an exclusive position of the Terrorists. A spearhead should be a player with the dazzling aim and without fear of anything. If a particular bottleneck in a game happens, he will need to throw himself, allowing his team to complete the mission.

It should be noted that depending on the mission and the team’s side, the roles can change or even be different.

Distribution of Equipment

As for the arsenal, in the edition of CS:GO, players will have five categories of weapons, of which 4 are pistols, and the other is utilities, including heavy machine guns, rifles, and grenades.

In this regard, all artillery has different functions, which means that the game never loses vigor. For example, the special weapons may include but are not limited to:

  • smoke grenades;
  • Incendiary;
  • fragmentation at close range;
  • electric shock gun and much more.

A strong player is not everything in CS:GO

As in other sports, in CS: GO, coordination of individual talents in a perfect group gear can lead the team to victory. Therefore, even the most experienced players may fail if they don’t know how to play as a team.

In this eSports game, communication is key. You can see some teams with strong members, but the winners of this game, as a rule, are the ones with the best communication with each other. As you can see, each player has a role in a game while helping their colleagues in case they possess certain information about the opponents.

Therefore, you must familiarize yourself with the profile of both players and the team in general. Pay close attention to the facts like how long they have been playing together, how many hours of play a participant has, and what is his usual position.


When it comes to betting on CS:GO matches, you need to keep in mind that every single game is different. That’s what makes an event never boring, and that for each case, the teams should create appropriate strategies. Above, we mentioned the typical roles and missions of players. But in practice, the players do not always use these alignments due to side swaps, map changes, and different tactics of their opponents.