Basketball is a game that an individual of any age would totally love. There is simply no denial of how interesting of a game basketball is. Besides, there are a good lot of reasons for adults as well as kids to play basketball. Indulging in an outdoor sport like basketball can be quite beneficial for the players in numerous ways.

  • Basketball teaches the children how to work as a team and thereby develop their social skills and interaction. It would help children make new friends.
  • There are several health-benefits associated with Basketball as well, like endurance-building developing concentration and self-discipline, muscle growth, prevention of obesity etc.
  • Also basketball helps boost the growth and health and can keep players active.
  • Sports like basketball can keep players engaged and can prevent the development of any kind of addiction to TV, phone etc.
  • For children, basketball can also be played as an indoor sport. Thus, it can be played year round whenever they like.

A great thing about Basketball is that you wouldn’t need to invest in too much accessories. Just a few minimal equipment would be required. Check out Totbliss for a good range of quality sports items.

 Let’s have a closer look at the essential equipment that your kid would require to get started with this awesome game.

Basketball hoop

Of course, you would require a good basketball hoop to start playing the game. Different types of hoops are available for players of different ages. There are literally a good range of products available for you to select from. For kids and young players there are Indoor basketball hoop options. Nowadays, you can even find basketball hoops which are adjustable according to the height of person playing the basketball. 

The ball

Well you can’t technically play basketball without a ball right? There are balls available in different sizes, colours and weights. If the ball is being purchased for younger players then lighter and smaller balls will be preferable. However, you can go for heavier and bigger balls with the circumference of about 29 to 30 inches. Also, choose a quality one which would not tear up in a few days of practice.

Basketball shoes

Best Outdoor Basketball shoes or basketball sneakers are quite important for the players, both adults and kids.  A good shoe must provide adequate ankle support and should have a great traction on the basketball court. A basketball sneaker can be the difference between playing efficiently and slipping around in the court.

These were the essential equipment. You can make the game even better with some additional accessories like mouth guard, ankle guards and likewise. These additional accessories can make the sport much safer for the players, especially children.

FAQ: How to select good basketball equipment?

Selection of basketball equipment can be influenced by a variety of factors like the age as well as the experience of the players, the budget, the purpose of purchase (whether to play indoors or for practicing outdoors at an advanced level) etc.