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Episode 9 is NOW LIVE with @jjwatt. Butttttttttt How did the date go with @geniebouchard? Well you tell me! I was dialed in!!!!! Will there be a second date? @zappedpodcast subscribe NOW!

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You have to play it cool,” she later told CNN.

“Maybe I’ll say I’m busy and give it say another week, even though we have nothing to do.

“I agreed to a live date so when things are possible and somehow our schedules overlap, we will go on a second date…a first real date. We’ll see where that goes.”

Although many fans praised her generosity for holding the auction in aid of charities dedicated to easing the COVID-19 pandemic, Bouchard admitted that her frequent social media posts inevitably lead to “tough” criticism from the public.


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Episode 10 “The Date” Did we secure the 2nd date with @geniebouchard? Find out tomorrow at 3:00 PST on @zappedpodcast

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“I realize that everybody has haters,” she accepted.

“It means you stood up for something in your life, it means you’ve done something in your life.

“It’s only natural for someone my age to be active on social media. Why it is such a big deal?

“I think the most important thing is to not hate back, to accept it for what it is and understand that it’s more of a reflection of them and how they’re feeling and not that you’re a horrible person. It’s hard because there’s so much negativity out there.”

Dating as a public figure during quarantine is not as easy as it sounds.  

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