More details of Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen’s weekend have emerged and they’re not great.  He apparently jumped out of an ambulance on his way to a mental health evaluation on Saturday. 

Via TMZ Sports:

Minnesota Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen jumped out of an ambulance fearing someone was going to shoot him — while he was being transported for a mental health evaluation.

It’s all in the police report filed by the Minnetrista PD — which paints a sad picture of an NFL star in a serious mental health crisis.

The situation began early Saturday morning when a Vikings staffer called cops to report the 3-time Pro Bowler was acting bizarrely and the team feared he could either hurt himself or others.

It doesn’t look like Griffen will be on the field for the Vikings anytime soon.  Hopefully he’s getting the help he needs and they can figure out what triggered his mental issues and get them under control.