For people who are interested in sports betting, entering in the Powerball is a good option for them. Because of its growing popularity it is now available in many countries around the world, including South Africa, Australia, some European countries and of course the Unites States. The Powerball lottery can go up to $500 million, which makes sense as to why millions of people around the world try to enter the drawing. While a lot of people claim to knowing some tricks that will lead them to winning the Powerball, in reality there is no sure way of doing so. However, what you can do is better your odds and have an edge over some of the other contestants. Here are some clever tips that you can employ:

Having a clear mind

Something you should know about Powerball is that the winnings increase with every rolled over lottery, and that the winnings are simply dependent on luck. While luck is something you can’t have control over, what you can do is do a bit of research on the winning numbers of the past. It is obviously not guaranteed that these numbers will be drawn again, but you can definitely make out a pattern if you look hard enough. You never know maybe the numbers you pick out will end being the Powerball number too.

Moreover, your main focus should be to make some extra money out of the whole thing even if you don’t win the Powerball and it is completely possible.

Choosing a good set of numbers

The contestants will have to pick some numbers between 1 to 60, which is known as the ‘Quick Pick’. These numbers can help you make some money if you get a certain number of them right.

Looking at the Odds

The contestants are given the option of picking some of the odds offered by the Powerball. Make sure you know what these odds are before you actually choose your numbers because they will help you increase your chances at some kind of winnings. That should be your ultimate strategy i.e. bettering your odds. Most people follow their gut or perform some unusual rituals that they believe will help them win the Powerball such as following their horoscopes, but in reality that really doesn’t change much.

Pooling tickets

A common strategy that people employ, which is also a clever one is to pool your tickets with your family, friends or colleagues. This may mean that your winnings will get divided too, but this will increase your odds by a significant amount. The bigger the pool, the better the odds. This way you can also enter more lines because there are more of you who are playing.

Having variations in numbers

When you don’t know what exactly do to because it may be your first time entering the Powerball, simply have as many variations of the numbers as possible and one of them will bound to be ended up getting picked. You can even repeat some numbers if you want.

Be responsible

It is very easy to get hooked to playing the game because each time you will feel like you can win the next time you play. And this way you can possible bet all your earnings and even savings away, which a lot of people have done because betting is an addictive activity. So make sure you play the Powerball responsibly and know your limits.

In the end just have fun with your family and friends. You can make a tradition out of it, entering every now and then, making it a fun activity to do with the people you are close to.