If you are an avid learner of triathlon and want to become a champion in the triathlon field one day, all you need is compassion and determination. It sounds correct that these qualities will undoubtedly make you a champ, but you also need to think like an intelligent person and have personal willpower. 

You need to understand that you must choose the best triathlon apparel to achieve your goals. Here, SUMARPO comes to help you chase your dreams and make you able to stand on victory stand one day. 

SUMARPO products have been well established and known since its inception in 2008 for their best and unique selling points. Our product design ranges from junior athletes to professional athletes. It caters to all sorts of triathlon contests and events, whether it is swimming, cycling or any long-distance running. 

We offer our athletes comfort, confidence, and compassion to dive into the deep waters without hesitation or fear.

The very first thing we remember is to keep the eco-friendly concept in mind while making any triathlon product. 

Secondly, we have always improved our products by asking the ultimate users, i.e. athletes, about their comfort and challenges they face while swimming, cycling or running. 

Their suggestions are always valued, and we can say that we have improved as they improved, which has made the winning combination at the end of the day. 

SUMARPO is not only contributing towards the ecosystem by designing eco-friendly products, but it has also become a member of the 1% for the planet campaign. It is committed to serving Earth by giving 1% of its annual sales to preserve and restore the natural environment. 

Triathlon Products 

Now, we would like you to take a look at our most promising triathlon gear product range, offering winning combinations for athletes around the globe.   

Wetsuits Level

We can proudly say that we are among the pioneers of the best eco-wetsuits available for both men’s and women’s wear. The four main wetsuit categories introduced so far by SUMARPO are:

  • As the name suggests, a victory wetsuit is made with a concept to always focus on your victory. It’s is classified as a top-level wetsuit for elite triathletes. Its SCS NANO coating on the front panel helps swimmers gain maximum speed with less energy with the best water resistance performance. It is being re-engineered with a 3D silicone GSP system (groove-shaped paddles), giving more propulsion and unprecedented speed. Victory suits help swimmers to maintain body temperature in the cold water. It has a secret Ti-a seal tech combination at the sleeve cuffs providing thermal insulation. Having SQ Slip inner lining allows the body to move and slide smoothly and easily, just like butter for both men and women.  

  • Vanguard is designed with a concept that leads you to become a winner and the first one to get out of the water. Yamamoto Aerodome neoprene with honeycomb-shaped air cells in the chest extended until thighs maintain the body position and enhance hydrodynamics in the water. It is made of 100% eco-based and safe material containing premium Yamamoto neoprene limestone instead of petroleum. Limestone neoprene is a CR (chloroprene rubber) that is healthy for the human body of men and women.


  • Race wetsuit has a ‘performance advancer’ concept that doesn’t compromise flexibility, buoyancy, or durability. Its unique feature is the water-based & non-benzene adhesive for triathlon wetsuit keeping it more eco-friendly than oil-based and benzene-adhesive. It is considered the historical step towards environmental protection. THE IDEAL GEAR EXCEEDS YOUR EXPECTATIONS

N-Joy is made with a concept for beginners and is called an entry-level wetsuit available in both men’s and women’s wear. You can chase your dream career by trying this special N-Joy wetsuit. Although it is for beginners, it is equally equipped with the latest features available in the above designs, including eco-based and safe non-benzene material and having Yamamoto SCS coating layer and GSP water grippers to lessen water resistance ultimately increase the water-resistance the speed through the water.

SUMARPO has introduced many triathlons gear, including the following products:


A variety of tri suits is available with SUMARPO, including Men’s & Women’s tri suits such as Hybrid, Echo, and Fusion, designed with all the requirements a cyclist needs while racing. 


These suits are specifically designed to cater to all triathletes’ needs, with quality and comfort in particular for 100% result. It comprises of 71% Polyamide and 29% Lycra, adding comfort to triathletes. It is equally supportive of stabilizing muscles, and it results in reducing lactic acid for gaining power and enhancing circulation. The fabric is treated with hydrophobic processing, which keeps the garment dry during the whole time. It is particularly made to cater to triathletes to prevent critical sports environments. It also prevents bacterial growth, repels bad odor, and maintains your prolonged body freshness and hygiene. The Fusion reflects the design made to provide extra visibility in the darkest hours. Its sleeveless design allows you to move with complete freedom with your body. You can breathe with ease, and it has durability despite skin fit. 


Besides the above suits, the compression line plays a vital role along with your triathlon gear.

It includes a generator compression top, compression tights, and compression socks with ultralight tall and ultra-light low cut available in different designs and colors.

The accessories include a race belt, a race belt with pockets, and swimming goggles with anti-fog elements to accommodate environmental conditions. The race belt with pocket is designed with a stretchable fabric that allows elasticity, fitting and adjustable grip for all types of waist sizes. 


SUMARPO indeed is serving in its best possible way to become the top choice of all triathletes due to its own commitment and dedication towards inculcating the room for improvement in all products with an open heart, and that’s why they knew what is best for their customers. 

Making customer feedback valuable by listening to them is the gearing power that has helped them to flourish and conquer the world by becoming tall as pioneers in triathletes’ products and accessories.

They knew the importance of adopting technology to bring revolutionary changes to meet the triathletes’ requirements, and it has made them the best to buy triathletes apparel. Giving 1% to the planet drive has undoubtedly proved them eco-friendly and contributing positivity towards Earth.