Most of our formative years have gone into fantasizing about being a part of a dream sports team. As children, we have all had dreams of playing along with our favourite players in football, hockey or whatever it is that had our hearts. But as we grew up, we realized that the reality might not unfold the way we had presumed it to be. Not all of us can pay for national or international leagues, and most of us have to settle for the 9 to 5 lives that we worked towards with our college education. But, as it turned out, the evolution of technology has been a boon to us in more ways than we can imagine. It might not be possible to make it to your favourite league, but it is quite possible to optimize your dream team, say a hockey team, with the NHL lineup optimizer and win fantasy points. This is quite an idea that we can work with. This article provides an insight into what a fantasy sports league is and all that you need to know before you take up the task of optimizing your dream team.


What Do We Mean By A Fantasy Sports League?

We shall start with the basics first and explain to you what exactly is a Fantasy Sports League. A Fantasy Sports League is a game where you can act as managers of a team and organize your team with your choice of players. Plus, the game also allows you to trade players from one team to another similar to that in reality. Also, if the fun quotient was not enough for you to find your interest in the game, maybe the factor of earning money out of the game will!

The Different Types of Fantasy Sports League:

So now that you have an idea about what a Fantasy Sports League is, you must direct your attention towards the different types of Fantasy Sports League that there are for a better understanding of the entire affair. There are essentially three types of Fantasy Sports Leagues, and we shall discuss them in the sections that shall follow.


The first type of the league is known as the Re-draft where the players for each team are selected at the beginning of each season, from scratch. They are chosen just once at the beginning of each season, and then after the season concludes, a fresh team is chosen for the next one.


This one is easy to understand since the name gives it all away. In this type of the Fantasy League, the players are chosen once, and the same team can be allowed to be carried forward for the next seasons as well. The team could also be an amalgamation of the old and the new players.


This is the type where the entire team is mostly retained for the next seasons as well. Since a team as such is built over a substantial period of time, the result is a much stronger team with excellent coordination. Plus, it also gives the owner of the team, a greater sense of authority. This kind of a team is usually a long-term team and can run long races.

Making Money with Fantasy Sports:

We discussed at length about the general idea of a Fantasy Sports League and the kind of teams that we have. We shall now talk a bit about the ways in which you can make money with Fantasy Sports. It’s pretty simple to understand the dynamic of money-making with Fantasy Sports. The players of the team need to monitor the performance of the team once the season kicks off. And then the best team wins the most points at the end of the season, which is then given a prize in terms of money. 


Fantasy Sports have taken the world by quite a storm, and they have been offering great chances of making money while also having fun with the games. Therefore, if you are interested in the domain, you must head over to a Fantasy Sports app and fuel your passion for the sports you ace in and always hoped to be a part of!