There are so many horse racing tracks littered all across the United States of America. In order to stand out, a track should be hosting significant races and hope to have some unforgettable finishes. That being said, there’s not a single horse racing facility in the USA which is more prominent than Belmont Park.

Located at the east of Queens in the town of Elmont, New York, Belmont Park is the home for some of the greatest memories in the horse racing history. The main reason behind this is- it is the home of the Belmont Stakes. However, before you look for the third and final leg of the Thoroughbred Triple Crown or look for Belmont park tips, let’s talk about Belmont Park in details. 

Overview of Belmont Park

Year of Opening- 1905

Location- Elmont, New York

Owner- State of New York. It is operated by the New York Racing Association (NYRA)

Course Type- Flat

Notable Races- Belmont Stakes, Jockey Club Gold Cup, Suburban Handicap,

The Metropolitan Handicap.

Get to Know Belmont Park

Belmont Park is not just a place or a racing track in New York where people love to go for making bets on horses. It is a place which is as rich in history & tradition as any other sporting park or stadium that you can think of.

A collection of investors that were led by August Belmont Jr. are those responsible for building the track, which was opened in 1905 ever since it has been the home of the Belmont Stakes.

Belmont Park takes huge pride in what they have. Unlike other racecourses the Pimlico Race Course and Churchill Downs (that are home for other two Triple Crown events), the authorities at Belmont Park doesn’t allow patrons to hang out in the infield. This inability to access certain areas just adds to the mystery and desire for the fans.

If there wasn’t enough buzz that was already surrounding this place, get ready for the whole new crop of customers come 2020. Also, the NHL’s New York Islanders are in the process of building an 18,000-seat arena in the backyard of Belmont Park – like seriously!

The site of this new stadium is on the grounds which used to be the parking lot behind the grandstand. This mega-project will be called as Belmont Arena; it will include more than 435,000 sq. Feet of space that’ll be used for retail and a hotel with more than 200 rooms. 

With big changes on the horizon for this Belmont Park, nothing takes away from the history that was created on the racetrack, most notably at the Belmont Stakes. 

The Racetrack

If the racetrack at Belmont Park seems bigger to you than the typical ones, then don’t worry- your eyes are not playing tricks on you, it is because it is. The outside dirt track also called the “Main Track,” measures 1.5 miles in circumference, which makes it the longest dirt track on the entire continent. Belmont Park has an interesting setup that makes the races at this place stand out.

First, you have this “inside track,” which is surfaced with turf. It is known as the Widener Turf Course, and at about 1 5/16 miles long, it spans longer than many “outside tracks” that you will come across. If you ever make a trip to Elmont, New York, the Widener Turf Course is not the only inner circle track that you’ll notice.

The Inner Turf Course has been strategically positioned inside the two outer tracks, and it measures about 1 3/16 miles. Also, there’s a training track which is 1 mile long which borders the eastern end of the main dirt track. 

By now, you must be having a good idea about the Belmont Park and what makes it so popular. We suggest you look for Belmont Park tips and make the best bets.