Former federal prosecutor Mimi Rocah didn’t mince words in a Monday MSNBC appearance, all but calling New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft a rapist after he was caught up in a prostitution sting in Florida that revealed an international sex trafficking operation.

Rocah said that the criminal justice system has undergone a major shift in how it treats prostitution: specifically, it was focusing more on the customers.

“This is not about prostitution,” Rocah said, but rather “human trafficking” and “sex slavery.”

“It’s not about women having sex with men, it’s about men really raping women essentially,” she continued. “They think because they’re paying for it, you know, its somehow voluntary.” She added that the women Kraft solicited for sex had been “held in captivity” in a case of “modern day slavery” that was comparable to the crimes of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

“Everyone should really have their eyes open about this,” she said. “Those girls are not prostitutes, they’re victims.”

Watch the video below:

That really makes you think about this whole ordeal a lot differently. 

Not sure Bob felt that he did anything wrong after he left with a happy ending. 

Perception is everything. 

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