David Segui, a former MLB slugger who admitted steroid use more than a decade ago, believes baseball players caught using performance-enhancing drugs are “demonized” while those using drugs of abuse are “protected.’

Segui views it as hypocritical the way MLB treats steroid users and those who do “drugs of abuse,” which includes marijuana and heroin.

Via USA Today:

You can smoke weed, crack, or shoot heroin and we’ll protect that guy and his right to privacy, but God forbid you take something to heal or benefit your body and become a better athlete or player. Then, they portray you as taking an evil substance.

“I should have put myself in therapy and told baseball I have a disease. My disease is that I’m addicted to steroids. Then I could have had a press conference, and cried, and they could have had a GoFundMe for pitiful David.

“I don’t smoke weed, smoke crack, shoot up heroin, or take any of the street drugs, but because I used steroids, I’m demonized.’’

Segui admitted to using human growth hormone with a prescription and experimenting with anabolic steroids in advance of the 2007 Mitchell Report.

No one likes a cheater. 

You don’t’ want to be demonized,  then don’t take steroids. 

It’s that simple. 

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