Sports are some of the most popular ways of entertainment. People all over the world enjoy watching them live and via their TV. In them, we see various athletes that have specialized in one sport and are the best at what they do. In a way, football, basketball, baseball, golf, and tennis players are living legends because they have put in the practice that makes them professionals.

In other words, they make it look effortless because they have perfect their craft. Moreover, they inspire other people to take up sports and if they’re good enough they’ll get to become stars as well. They get lots of fans all over the world that watch games religiously.

This kind of dedication is inspiring as some sportspeople dedicate many years of their lives to a sport. So it’s no surprise that several game developers were inspired by sports in general. Throughout the years they have produced lots of sports games that fans can enjoy. They can go back in time and play with sportspeople of the past or play with current stars. Either way, you’ll have lots of games to play with. In that regard, here are several such games that you can enjoy:

F1 2010

Formula racing is one of the most exciting sports that you can watch. It involves all kinds of cars with powerful engines and drivers motivated enough to drive them at high speed. So why not have this experience at home and enjoy it on your PC?

That’s what developers were thinking when they made this game. F1 2010 lets you play with the best drivers and players of that time. Although the graphics might look dated compared to other sports games today, this is a game that’s worth playing over and over.

EA Sports MMA

MMA fans would love to control their favorite fighter in a game and thanks to this one they can. You’ll need to carefully play with your character as the stamina bars lowers whenever you hit or kick too much. The same goes for takedowns. Naturally, you can always create your fighter and turn him into a champion by taking down the big names in the sport.

Nowadays MMA fights are spectacular events that let you witness clashes of titans in the sport. That’s why they’re so popular and many bettors can bet on these events thanks to the many online sportsbooks. Tips and codes are also available at sites like BonusCodeUK, but the main thing about these sites is to enjoy them responsibly.

NFL Street

In its essence, this is a game that takes the NFL experience to the street and the player enjoying the game. With just a few simple modifications the NFL experience was adapted to a game on the street. You could choose what your players wore which means you could make them wear jerseys as well as jeans and boots. No yellow flags as this is the street. Its simplicity is what made the game popular making it a must-play for any NFL fan.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Racing is always exciting and the Need for Speed franchise is famous for bringing the concept of street racing to players. It’s one of the best long-running franchises and Most Wanted is a pretty good title. It lets you pick out one of many cars, customize it and race on various tracks. Sometimes the police will come and chase you mid-race and you’ll need to get away from them. It’s a great game that will even pique the interest of players that have never player racing games before.

NBA Live 2005

At the time this was a revolutionary game because of the freestyle control for dribbling. The graphics were also pretty good for 2005 and it also offered online games which is what set it apart from the other basketball games. In addition, NBA Live 2005 also offered a dunk contest and engaging gameplay which is why it’s still remembered to this day.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

The first game in this series is what set the bar high for engaging gameplay and the second one took the bar and set it even higher. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 made the gameplay engaging by giving players the ability to create and customize their own skater in the career mode. Also, they could create their own skate parks that they could enjoy with other skaters online. That’s what makes it a game that’s worth your while.

FIFA 2010

Although it came out in 2010 this FIFA game is pretty good. It involves amazing graphics as well great gameplay. In it, you can create your own player and go through 4 seasons of football in the Virtual Pro mode or do your best to be a manager with the Manager Mode.