WE were the FIRST to break the news to the world, and unleash the truth, that Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant has made things official with his girlfriend Cass Anderson. Now we have more proof the two are in fact a couple. 

One of our loyal tipsters has sent us in a few pics, one of KD’s new girlfriend Cass Anderson watching the Warriors game, and one of her after the game, waiting for KD while he signed autographs for the fans. 

 Cass waiting for KD while he talks to a couple fans. She’s in the back with the long legs  

I been saying everyone knows Cass as Kevin Durant’s Girl but you keep saying I’m lying lol. Hating her won’t change that. That’s his GIRLFRIEND. She sitting with the wives yall… haters coming in 5…4…3….2…11111. Let the world know, I only sent this to you. 

Glad to see Kevin Durant slowing starting to introduce his better half to his friends, and more importantly, his fans. If she’s already sitting in the wives section, this can only mean things are pretty real with them. Don’t forget who breaks the most scoops day in and day out. Our competitors can try to copy us, but they’ll never be able to keep up.