If you know a golfer who hits the links every opportunity they get, an extravagant golf accessory is likely to be their best present, whether for an anniversary, birthday, or another special occasion. These latest golf gadgets, golf gear, and celebration of all things golf will show your support of their enthusiasm for the sport. 

Unisex golf GPS watch and automated performance tracking system

Intuitive to use, a performance tracking system will lower handicap thanks to the data gathered for every shot. With a simple interface that is easy to navigate, golfers can play better, more accurate shots, since it marks distances to hazards and tracks front, middle and back of the green. Once played, they can go home and review the round by seeing all the shots tracked, showing distances (shortest, average and longest) for each club, through simple to fit tags in the handle of each club. This tracks errors and helps improve club selection and lower scores. 

24 karat gold golf ball

For the golfer who has everything, consider gifting a high-quality golden golf ball dipped in 24 karat gold, which can be put on display at home or in a trophy case.  You can even gift a golden golf ball and tee set, in a black gift box, which is durable enough to play and that flies as long and as straight as their best existing balls.

New golf shoes for her

From on-trend to traditional, the range of shoes for female golfers is better than it has ever been, with styles that look like running shoes to work flats, with several options in between. This may be the time that you can gift her an upgraded pair for her favorite sport. Since you will need to be with her as she tries on new designs, be prepared for her to fall in love with several choices.  

Golf pushcart

If you can see their old golf cart is giving them a bad back, does not fold down anymore or induces mockery from his golfing buddies, it is time for a new golf cart. They may have already dropped hints about this, or you can check online to see what is listed on their wish list at their favorite online store. If not, choose a stable, bottom-heavy cart for sturdiness.  A height-adjustable handle means no more hunching over and make sure it is easy to fold down. 

New 10-Club set

For a really special occasion, gift an upgrade to the Callaway Edge 10-Club Set, designed for distance, easy to hit and therefore offering accurate golfing every time. Having a set of decent clubs will reduce their handicap since they are designed to hit long, straighter shots from tee to green. With a fully equipped quality golf set, it becomes possible to play on any terrain making for a happy golfer all year round. 

Sporting sunglasses

Sporty sunglasses are light and comfortable to wear with high-quality lenses. Choose a good brand, such as the Italian Cressi family company that specializes in recreational equipment that it sells around the world. Their Lebron Sunglasses are sporty unisex sunglasses with high quality mirrored lenses in a number of colors and latest generation sidepieces. They also come with a rigid protective case and a fabric carrying sleeve.  Consider also getting a Luxe Performance Cable Strap to prevent from accidental falls.

Range finder

To take the guesswork out of that final shot to the green, a rangefinder works really well to improve their game. Choose a sturdy model that is built to last with quality materials, and which will provide accurate readings. From these readings, club selection becomes easier, which automatically improves their game.