Science shows that as we age, there are physical activities that needed to be reduced. Most of the people in their 60s cannot perform backflips or cartwheels anymore. But it doesn’t mean that they should stop doing sports altogether. For avid sports players, giving up that exercise or hobby would lead to losing a part of their life. 

People who have lived their entire life with the fun of extreme activities need not give it up. However, you might think about to switch your hobby to something which is less punishing the body. You can carry on some activities as long as it does not lead you to have an injury. 

Thus, here are some extreme sports that even senior citizens can take part in without compromising their health: 

Extreme Golf 

Golf is a sport that is linked to men of a particular age. Oftentimes, this sport is considered as slow and boring. But what if, you play it on top of a cliff or a moving ice shelf? 

Today, there is an extreme golfing location in South Africa. The 19th hole requires a trip up the cliff via a helicopter. Meanwhile, in Greenland, the golf course is laid in ice. As such, seniors can try extreme golfing and even playing Judi Bola and enjoy the time of their lives now. 

Marathon Running 

Running is a fun exercise that you can carry through as you hit the senior’s age. If you do it carefully, you can be running even if you’re 90 years old. Completing a marathon is possible even for seniors. Just listen to your body and try a lower yet consistent pace until you finish the race. 

Mountain Biking 

One low-impact sport for the seniors is mountain biking. This is an awesome sport for those who enjoyed cycling all their lives and wanted to try a new activity in their life. This type of biking can be done in the mountains, forests, and other locations. Just prepare your bike, gears, a map, and you are ready to go. 

Scuba Diving 

One wonderful way to explore the ocean is through scuba diving. This is an amazing experience if you do it at the clear and warm water of Australia or the Caribbean. Indeed, there are various benefits that swimming can offer to seniors. It can strengthen the heart, lower the blood pressure, and create minimal impact on the joints. 

Apart from that, you will have the chance to get close to the wonders of the ocean and enjoy the waters. As long as there are diving instructors with you, you are safe to scuba dive at any minute that you want!


For people of all ages, skydiving is one of the exhilarating must-try sports just like Judi Bola. As much, it is one of the bucket lists of many travelers. Luckily, jumping out of the plane while strapped to the instructor is not only just for the youth. 

Yes, there are still risks associated with senior citizens who would like to try skydiving. For example, you won’t be permitted to jump if you have heart health issues. But if you are still fit and have good overall health, then there’s no reason that you should not try this one.