Ezekiel Elliott has not been shy about showing off his midriff.

He did it at Ohio State. He famously walked on the red carpet before the 2016 NFL draft with his dress shirt tucked up. And now he has added a tattoo to his midsection.

After scoring a touchdown against the Los Angeles Rams in the season opener, Elliott lifted up his jersey to show off a “Feed Me” tattoo, complete with a spoon.

“That’s my brand, Feed Me,” Elliott said Wednesday.

“It was super painful,” Elliott said. “I think like the next day we went and threw at [Dak Prescott’s house], and it was all swollen and puffy. It was awful. Not going to lie, it was painful. But happy with the result.”

His mother, Dawn, did not seem to be a fan of the new ink when asked on Twitter.

The running back thought differently Wednesday.

“At this point, my mom is like over getting mad at me for getting tattoos,” Elliott said. “Now she’s coming around to them.”

The team certainly seems to succeed when Elliott is fed. The Cowboys are 22-4 when he rushes for more than 100 yards in a game.

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